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The view of the Login screen has been changed totally.
  • Now you can login to different modes such as Home Delivery, Take Out, Dine In, Retails etc.
  • By pressing the designated button you can directly login and be able to see categories loaded with items not seeing the other order types any more.
Most important part here is you can give different price for different order types from the back office.
Previously you had to create an item with a different name although that item already exists in the menu item to give different price for different Order Type.
However, You can still use the Switchboard option as a managerial perspective.


Now its much easier, just select the menu item and edit for different pricing using the ‘Price by Order Type’ tab.
Suppose a restaurant accepts different Order Types where
  • Home Delivery has to given higher price than Take Out options.
  • Same way Dine In has to be given a price in between.
Notice that besides
  • Giving different price for different order types you can also
  • Choose to just change the tax% which eventually changes the item price.
For example, although take Out and Drive Thru price for Cheese Burger are same
You will be charging different price from your customer as you have set up different tax%.


The home screen is more simplified
  • With less buttons and
  • More effectivity
You have a choice to add items by selecting the item and also
  • Pressing the button at the top right corner of the ticket panel
  • Using Misc button or
  • By directly scanning a barcode.
Hitting Total button will take to the payment screen.
You also have options to
  • ‘Send’ to kitchen and
  • ‘Done’ to Save ticket for Dine IN option


Adding modifiers to items are much more convenient. Giving the modiier price will increase the price of the item that includes it.
Here for 2 Egg N Biscuit Item, maximum eggs to be chosen is 2,
So for choosing over the maximum amount from the Eggs Group is getting charged and indicated as red.
Simply pressing the Group Done button or pressing to another group
Will take to choose next group of modifier.
Finally pressing Done or Group Done for the last group will complete the item order.


Simply pressing the send button will send only the
  • ‘To be cooked’ items to the kitchen and will become yellow And
  • The rest of the items such as drinks or ready made items will not change color as they are not sent to the kitchen
Adding the same item that was previously added
  • Will not jump back and forth and try to be added to the previous one
  • Rather will be added as a new item.


The kitchen display system appears with nicer visibility.
  • You can view more orders at a time than before and
  • Different colors to show different status of specific orders.
For example,
  • The last item here is the last ordered item which you can recognize by the elapsed time of the order taken.
  • Orders with more elapsed time became yellow and
  • More than that finally became red.
This color pattern will help the cooks to see which order needs to be cooked first and which to be followed.


Cash Payment option is further enhanced by adding more buttons which makes the life much easier.
  • Convenient to just press specific amount of bills.
  • Pressing Exact will enable taking payment with exact amount due.
  • Next Amount will round up to the next integer.


Adding printers, printer groups and editing them is very convenient now.
You can choose any printer to be added in any printer group with any combination.
Editing or deleting printer or printer groups is just a click away.
Notice that,
  • Report and Receipt printers are designated printers.
  • Kitchen, Packing and KDS printers only can be added under a group.


Now you can send one item to one ore many printer. Practically Floreant support unlimited printer.
  • First you decide group of printers you want a item should be printed
  • A Printer could be real printer, PDF printer or Kithen display system.
  • In the back office you can create printer and test.


Now you can add any amount of designated tables to your floor even without any plugins installed.
  • Decide how many people can be sit in a specific table.
  • Add a description for a table so that you can easily recognize.
Once you go to Dine In option,
  • Select your preferred table from the grid
  • Observe table status with different color schema


First decide if you want to give discount to an order or to just specific items.
Then select that discount type from the drop down.
Selecting items will pop up the option to select items to the right.
Select coupon type for giving discount in percentage or amount basis.
Entering 20 on the coupon value will give
  • $20 discount on an order if selected amount
  • 20% discount on that order if selected percentage


Once you come to the payment screen
  • Press on discount  If you want to provide discount on the total order
  • Select specific items and then press on discount to provide discount on those items only
You will see the option to choose intended type of discount.
Notice that you can directly scan a coupon in order to give discount.


Most Grocery/ Retail stores need to sell items by weighing. Floreant is now capable to enter weight for specific items and calculate sale price.
While creating menu item in the back office, enter Unit name such as lb and check the box for accepting Fractional Unit.
Notice that you can also keep track of Stock Amount without using the Inventory Plugin.


Custom Order Types can be created from the Back Office Explorers Tab if the intended Order Type does not already exist.
Also any specific Order Type can be arranged by checking the boxes in the list.
For example  TAKE OUT should have the option of FOR HERE or TO GO.


We have updated the view of all receipts and reports with nicer formats.
Once you explore the latest release you will find much more features
Which will give you more comfort than the previous builds.