Floreant started its journey in 2008 when Dennys Restaurant in Oneonta, NY hired our team for upgrading their database. In 2009 source code was released in public  domain.  In 2010 the software included Java POS support and shift-wise pricing, partial payment and kitchen printer. Right after that release(v1.02) it received huge appreciation. To handle increasing number of downloads we have to host binaries in, zdnet and In latin “Floreant” means to flourish,   to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way.  In 2014 Floreant team had again streamlined the system, redesigned payment system, cleaned up code and added hardware support like magnetic card, barcode scanner etc. Its UI was also extended such a way it runs well in Java based Mobile devices.  Floreant’s current release is 1.4.452 and as of today, only in has 105,000 download. Floreant is more than just a POS. Its a powerful yet versatile hospitality solution that facilitates cafes, restaurants, fast foods, moms & pops and venues. Floreant technology powers the largest bar in Arizona, famous pizza chain in Pennsylvania and many such. People used it in retails and groceries too. Maryland Fire dept uses our application to manage their fire hall and many social welfare projects does the same. Universities use it for research projects, loyalty companies customize it as training system.  We have been known as the most popular POS for restaurants or open source POS for future.